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Diseases affecting the functioning of the nervous system and the brain Diseases of the nervous system, brain diseases, caused by anything. What are the symptoms of the disease prevention disorder?


Contains information Medical Practice, Journal of Medicine Research in Thailand, training and conference, academic and related websites

Contains personnel information, tools, services and networks. Neurological diseases

For example, a percentage of death rate for patients in stroke, a percentage of death in a stroke or a blockage. And the classification by health zone

Established at the command of Neurology Institute As at October 9, 2549 according to the resolution of the Service Unit Executive Committee Institute of Neurology by the opinion, the “Neural Information Center” is established. The English name “Neurological Information Center” has a neurological Information Center board. 18 people

Detailed information on how users can Communication with the authority (contact us) includes the address Telephone number, fax number, map, location, organization unit and location of the unit in the latitude (Latitude) and longitude coordinate (Longitude).

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