Neurological News: Epilepsy

What to know about absence seizures Absence seizures cause momentary lapses in consciousness. During a seizure, the person may look as though they are daydreaming. Written by Aaron Kandola | Medical News Today | December 20, 2020. What is a seizure? An abnormal electrical discharge in the brain causes a seizure. There are different types, … Read more

Neurological News: December 2020

What can cause numbness in the right hand? Many different conditions can cause numbness in the right hand, ranging from nerve problems to nutritional deficiencies. Some are serious while others are not a cause for concern. Written by Jesse Klein | Medical News Today | December 22, 2020. 10 causes of hand weakness Hand weakness … Read more

Neurological News: October 2020

What are the effects and risks of mixing cannabis and caffeine? Despite the increase in data, researchers are still unclear about the effects of combining cannabis and caffeine. However, some evidence suggests there may be risks in mixing these substances. Written by Jessica Caporuscio, Pharm.D. | Medical News Today | October 5, 2020. What to … Read more

Neurological News: September 2020

What causes blackouts? A blackout is a loss of consciousness or complete or partial memory loss. Possible causes of blackouts include epilepsy and drinking a large volume of alcohol. Written by Veronica Zambon | Medical News Today | September 28, 2020. What causes left arm pain but no chest pain? Pain in the left arm … Read more

Neurological News: August 2020

What are the symptoms of a bacterial infection? Certain disease-causing bacteria can sometimes enter the body. Once inside, they may multiply and cause an infection. The symptoms that occur will often depend on the location of the infection in the body. Written by Jennifer Huizen | Medical News Today | August 29, 2020. Why is … Read more

Neurological News: June 2020

Isaac syndrome: Definition, symptoms, and management Isaac syndrome is a rare condition that causes uncontrollable muscle activity. The muscle movement occurs continuously, even during sleep or while a person is under anesthesia. Written by Jennifer Huizen | Medical News Today | June 11, 2020. Hyperthymesia: What is it? Hyperthymesia is an ability that allows people … Read more