Established at the command of Neurology Institute As at October 9, 2549 according to the resolution of the Service Unit Executive Committee Institute of Neurology by the opinion, the "Neural Information Center" is established. The English name "Neurological Information Center" has a neurological Information Center board. 18 people

About us


1. Define planning policies Installation and operation of Neural data center
2. Define the country’s required neural database and execute
3. Put the system Collection, storage of academic and neurological works.
4. Report the operating results every 1 month until the Khomun center is carried out. After that, report every 3 months.

The purpose

The purpose
1. It is a data center for neurological Diseases of Thailand.
2. To a reference center of information on various departments. To
– Research studies
– For distribution
– The management of resources.
– To support national policy

The work of Neural Information Center

To be the data Reference Center. The Khomun Center has made and publishes various databases. As follows :
1. Database at the neurological system of Thailand nervous system medical personnel database
    -Neurological medicine in Thailand
    -Neurological and neurological surgery
2. High and expensive technology tools database in Thailand
3. History database of neurology in Thailand
4. Patient information is treated at the Neurology Institute
5. Various CPG information of neurological diseases
6. Neurological research in Thailand

Future goal of Neural information Center

When the Khomun Center has various information on the work A data center future We expect to take the information on the disease you want to know and rank up. The most therapeutic 9 diseases are
1. Stroke
2. Epilepsy
3. Brain Tumor
4. Dementia
5. Abnormal movement
6. Degenerative Spine
7. Traumatic spine injury
8. Delay Development
9. Cerebral palsy

And in each of these diseases, follow the framework laid down as follows :
1. Magnitude of PROBLEMS
2. Health loss, Burden
3. Economic Burden
4. Resource
5. Service
6. Health Care
7. Technology Assessment Data

History of neurology in Thailand

Interview with the chairman of the Neuro-Association of Thailand